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Quality Control

A) Visual Examination

All The blades are checked by our well tarined staff. Blades with defects like nick, burr, wearivness, jag, bluntness are removed during the visual examination before the final packing.

B) Hardness Testing

The hardness of the blade is maintained at a minimum of 750 HV for carbon steel blades and 700 HV stainless steel blades to achieve precise sharpness. The hardness of the blade is checked at regular intervals on vickers hardness tester.

C) Checking of shapes, slot dimensions, Angle etc.

The shape and slot dimensions are checked on shadowgraph in accordance with the standards specified.

D) Perfomance Test

100 mm long 5 cuts are made on chamols leather to check the sharpness of the blade.blades with uniform cutting edge which can cut the chamois leather cleanly without putting it, are only passed

E) Sterillzation

The blades are sterillised using the Gamma Radiation process with a minimum does of 2.5 m rads.

F) Packing

All the blades are individually wrapped in aluminum foll.100 such blades are packed in a carton. master packing can be changed as per moisture inside the packing


Surgeon blades and medical devices (Services) Ltd uses latest's medical technology to irradiate products in a state of the art computer controlled continuous irradiation facility. The high quality service is available to other trader and suppliers to healthcare industry.

we can provide a quality auditing service to determine the required absorbed dose to provide a sterile medical device. The facility is routinely inspected by the FDA.

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. [View our certificate here]

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